Unbiased Financial Literacy Education for Doctors



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Dr. Yuval Bar-Or on empowering physicians with financial literacy, Journal of Medical Practice Management




Where are you getting your financial literacy knowledge from?

Brokers, insurance agents, and financial advisors have their own agendas, and their ‘educational’ events are thinly veiled marketing sessions.

Your peers and mentors may have the best intentions, but they’re medical professionals–not finance experts. Furthermore, their advice may be overly influenced by their personal experiences and circumstances, which may not be identical to yours.

The obvious solution is to have unbiased experts provide a broad education that relies on science rather than frustration, fads and sales pitches.135-advice-from-peers-cartoon

That’s where we come in. We’re professional educators (university professors) with extensive academic and real world expertise in the many fields that fit under the financial literacy umbrella. These include, among others: debt, wealth, and risk management, insurance, college, retirement, and estate planning, as well as contract negotiations, selecting financial advisors, budgeting, investing, and launching a private practice.

Our allegiance is to you and you alone–our students.

We don’t sell financial products. 

Our content was designed for doctors, in collaboration with doctors. We began this initiative with Johns Hopkins University physicians, and are now expanding this exciting new content to a national audience.




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